MOBILIZING INUIT CULTURAL HERITAGE (MICH): A Multi-media/Multi-platform Re-engagement of Voice in Visual Art and Performance is a six-year SSHRC Partnership Grant that focuses on the contribution of Inuit visual culture, art, and performance to Inuit language preservation, social well-being, and cultural identity. Bringing together Inuit and non-Inuit researchers, artists and stakeholders, MICH currently supports research, creation, and curatorial activities related to sculpture, gaming, storytelling, music, craftwork, prints, performance, digital connectivity, archival work, database compilation, and audiovisual knowledge preservation. All activities are undertaken with the intention of improving and/or advancing: 1) Access for Northern communities to digital information and communication technologies, 2) Connection of Inuit voice to objects of cultural heritage, and 3) Creation of Inuit-centric cultural capacity. MICH is based at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and Anna Hudson, Associate Professor/AMPD is the Principal Investigator.